Women’s Bikes

Women’s Bikes

Whether you’re in the market for a traditional bicycle or are in the process of mountain bike 29acquiring a woman’s mountain bike for some off-road fun, be sure to choose the right bicycle for you.

With tires that can handle most landscapes, mountain bikes let you move as quickly as you can pedal on any surface.

Or opt for a cruiser bike, which come with a front basket for storing groceries, workout shoes or other important objects you need to transport with you.

Here is a list of bike types you may wish to consider:

Mountain bikes are designed to handle rough terrain encountered on unpaved trails and off-road adventures.

These bikes are built with sturdy frames and high clearance that enables them to overcome mud, rocks and debris encountered on the trail.

Hybrid bikes are best for casual road riding or cruising along smooth dirt trails. Hybrids are an excellent utility bike.

Comfort bikes are designed for recreational riders on paved trails and smoother surfaces.

Cruiser bikes are designed for style.Leisure riders love biking neighbourhood streets or the local park on a cruiser designed with vintage-inspired features,they can have fun colours and an eye-catching designs.

Road bikes are best for riding on road. These bikes are a great match for commuters, fitness riders and long-distance athletes.

BMX bikes are designed to perform tricks and jumps on the track or at the park

Folding bikes take more of a minimalist approach and are great for saving storage space. Riders sit in a comfortable, upright position and can fold up the bike to store indoors.

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