Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes or E-Bikes

 An Electric bike or E-bike , is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor.

There are a great variety of e-bikes available throughout the world,but all retain the ability to be pedalled by the rider and are therefore not electric motorcycles

E-bikes use rechargeable batteries and can travel at speeds up to 30mph depending on type.

There are two mains types of electric bike,which are both gaining in popularity.

The most common is what has come to be termed a ‘pedelec’. This type of system monitors the rider pedalling and automatically adds a certain amount of motor assistance.

The other kind is a ‘twist-n-go’. This is where a switch is used by the rider to trigger the assistance from the motor, assistance can only be delivered if the system detects the rider is pedalling.

The styles of bike normally seen are electric mountain bikes,electric tourers or folding electric tourers which of course are space saving in crowded environments.

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