BMX Bikes

BMX Bikes

There are three styles of BMX bikes available:Racing bikes,Freestyle bikes and Jumping bikes all with their own different characteristics

With their small wheels and frame, they’re quick handling and great for stunts.They look cool and are easy to ride which make them a great option for kids.

BMX bikes are built to be tough enough to stand the stresses of jumps and tricks. So they are more than capable of dealing with the rigors of kids and what they may put them through.

Racing BMX Bikes.

A dirt-ready race bike with knobby tyres,lightweight with a strong rear brake,used for dirt-track racing and going fast off road for short distances.

Freestyle BMX Bikes.  

A super sturdy bike for stunts and tricks,extra strong frame fitted with road ready tyres,for use at bmx parks in particular.

Jump or Dirt Jumper BMX Bikes.

An amalgamation of the racing and freestyle bikes with a sturdy frame and wheels and knobby tyres used locally or practice jumping.

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