cycling in the hills

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are used in the sport of riding bicycles off-road.

mountain bike 36Mountain biking is often over rough terrain, the bikes are specially designed and although they  share similarities with other bikes, they incorporate features designed to enhance  performance and durability in rough terrain.

There are several categories of mountain biking namely:cross country,trail riding,all mountain,freeride,downhill and dirt jumping.

mountain bike 21Mountain biking however is normally either in the Trail and Cross Country modes.

Although mountain biking can be done nearly everywhere, mountain bikers like to get away from it all,choosing to use country back roads,off road trails and single tracks that wind through forests woods and fields.

Mountain bikers have learnt to be self sufficient and normally carry with them the means to repair their bikes or themselves in case of accident.Emergency supplies of food and water can also be carried.

Recent years have seen the vast increase of families enjoying this sport,which of course encourages  endurance, balance, bike handling skills, and self-reliance.

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